1993-95 England home shirt XL Wright 14 (BNWT)

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Sometimes hidden gems shine brightly, and this vintage England shirt shines despite being something of a forgotten kit.  With no major tournament appearance, this shirt might pass the more casual supporter by.

But in reality 90s Umbro always deserves attention, and with the addition of a chunky name and number set, this is a hidden gem worthy of any collection.

Condition: BNWT - This shirt is in brand new condition, with the original tags still secured. All areas of the shirt, from the crest to the manufacturer logo to the name and numbers look excellent.

Condition details: A BNWT 90s shirt is always a sight to behold, and this kit is no exception. Not only are you getting a vintage shirt in virtually the best condition you’d ever find it, but you even get the original tags still attached.

There are no bobbles throughout the shirt, with just a few odd, insignificant marks consistent with the shirt’s age.

Things to look out for:  Umbro were one of the kings of the 90s, and like any good shirt manufacturer in the decade they made great use of subliminal patterns.

Like the popular 1990 shirt before it, this 1993 model features a large scale subliminal pattern featuring the England crest. Think Brazil’s 1994 shirt, only a lot more subtle. It’s easy to miss, but up close the design addas significant interest to proceedings. Alongside the crests are sections of cherons, which again add depth.

Other interesting details include a small version of the crest on the neckline, and also a tweaked design for the main crest. Though the reasoning behind the design is unclear, it once again adds an intriguing element to this underrated shirt.

Perhaps the best thing about this particular kit though is the name and number on the back. A gloriously chunky red typeface is exactly what this shirt needed, and the option of Arsenal legend Ian Wright #14 offers a relatively hipster choice in regards to personalised England shirts.

Size: XL

Who made it: Umbro

Who wore it: Ian Wright, Paul Gascoigne, Alan Shearer, Teddy Sheringham, David Platt.


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Rest of world: 7-10 days

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