2000-02 Manchester United Home Shirt M Beckham #7 (BNWT)

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Intro: A Premier League-winning shirt, that signalled the dawn of an exciting new era, with the name and number of one of England’s greatest servants; this shirt has it all.

Condition: Brand new with tags - this shirt is in pristine condition.

Condition details: This shirt is in the best possible condition, with the original tags still intact and no bobbles or damage.

Despite being 20 years old, the shirt looks as bright as it did in 2000. The original printing on the back is in excellent condition, with no peeling on any of the letters or number.

Things to look out for: Vodafone had BIG shoes to fill.

At the end of the 1999/2000 season, the telecoms company took over from the legendary Sharp, a brand synonymous with success. With countless trophies in their back pocket from the 90s, and two league titles on the trot heading into the 2000/01 season, the pressure was on to maintain the streak.

Though Sharp departed, Umbro remained in United’s corner and duly stripped back the Red Devils kit with an understated look typical of the time. After utilising different variations of their logo for several seasons, the simple, Umbro double diamond returned to the shirt. It’s simplicity was matched by the aforementioned vodafone, whose logo retained the relatively clean aesthetic of Sharp before them.

Would the first United shirt of the new millennium continue the legacy left in the 90s? You bet.

Man United conquered England for the third season in a row, and one of the key figures in the campaign was David Beckham. Becks notched a league-high 12 assists alongside 9 goals of his own, and though there were a number of high profile run-ins with Sir Alex, his legend (for better or for worse) was cemented in the 00/01 season.

Size: M

Who made it: Umbro

Who wore it: David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Dwight Yorke, Teddy Sheringham

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All our shirts are shipped in  our mint-coloured, 100% compostable packaging. Some shirts will also be bagged with an inner plastic wallet for extra protection.

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