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2001-2002 Parma Away Shirt Large Champion BNWT

Timeless Football

Condition: Brand New with tags, but in storage, there are a few specs and marks on the shirt which are only apparent upon very close inspection. 9.5/10.

Size: XL

Manufacturer: Champion

Season: 2001-2002

Worn By: Cannavaro, Milosevic, Appiah, Nakata.

Description- This was the beginning of somewhat of a decline for Parma following the loss of star players Buffon and Thuram. Despite still having an impressive team, Parma finished a disappointing 10th in Serie A.

The shirt on the other hand is anything but disappointing and is a classic of the early 2000s series A period. What I like most about the shirt is the Champion detailing on the sleeves, similar to Kappa shirts of the same period.


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