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2000-2001 Blackburn Home Shirt XXL Dunn #8

Timeless Football

Condition: Good condition overall.Some slight wear to the name set and it is starting to crack slightly.

Size: XXL (kappa did tight fitting kits around this era so bare that in mind)

Manufacturer: Kappa

Season: 2003-2004

Team Mates: Jansen, Hughes, Berg, Marcus Bent

Notes: Official Championship name set

Description: David Dunn. Shouldn't be remembered for that ill-fated attempt at a rabona during his Birmingham days but more for the fact he once was one of England's most sought after attacking midfielders. An icon at Blackburn with two spells at the club. This is a replica of the shirt worn during the 2000-2001 season where Blackburn finished 2nd in the championship, completing a return to the English Premier League.

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