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1997-1998 Parma long sleeve home shirt XL #3 Benarrivo

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1997-1998 Parma long sleeve home shirt Êwith #3 Benarrivo on the back

#3 Benarrivo on the back. In 1997-98 season they made it to 6th place, where they made UEFA Cup, Italian Cup semi finals and exited in the group stages of Champions League. The 1997-98 squad included Cannavaro, Aspirilla, Crespo, Thuram and Dino Baggio.

Sadly Parma has been sent into receivership and dropped down to the fourth division having played in the Serie A for years. This also happened after being bought for several times for âÂ1 in 2016. They are now known as SocietÌÊ Sportiva Dilenttantistica Parma Calcio 1913.

Long sleeve with no sewn on badge or logo.

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