Join our squad

 Why become a seller?

  1.  Reach our audience – over the years we’ve built a community of people who bloody love football shirts and have thousands of buyers and sellers that follow us across social media.

  2.  Build your profile – we don’t just promote your products we promote you as well and help to grow your audience on social media.

  3.  We are story tellers – we sell products in a different way. We tell the stories of the moments that make the football shirts special. Great goals, matches and players.  We love to celebrate the memories. 

How do I sell a shirt? 

  1. Firstly create your profile and enter some information about yourself.  This helps to build trust with people buying your shirt. 

  2. Add your PayPal business or premier account.  This is so you can get paid.

  3. Fill in the football shirt description, upload some images (we recommend 3 + images per shirt) and set a price (adding a cost for shipping). 

  4. Once the shirt is listed we will share the best with our community to help raise awareness.

  5. There is no listing fees but for each shirt we will take a 10% commission (of which PayPal take 3-4%).  

For example, if you have set a shirt price of £50, this is how we'll charge with 10% commission:

Shirt price £50

FSC commission £3.25

Cost for processing with PayPal £1.75

Once the shirt is listed we will share the best with our community to help raise awareness.

What is the payment process?

The seller needs to connect either a “business” or “premium” PayPal account

  1. The seller posts a listing and defines a price for the product.

  2. The buyer goes to the listing page and purchases the shirt

  3. The buyer completes the payment in PayPal user interface.

  4. The seller gets an email notification of a new transaction.

The money is transferred to his PayPal account. Both parties get a receipt of the purchase in their email.

      6.  The seller distributes the shirt to the buyer 

Steps to do a refund

The seller can issue a full refund to the buyer from his PayPal account.

Then the seller needs to request the marketplace administrator to refund the commission from that transaction to the seller.

No refund of PayPal fixed fee

PayPal will refund the full transaction % they have taken from both refunds, but not the fixed fee.

Thus, for each refund, both the marketplace admin and the seller will lose the fixed fee (which is $0.3 in the US, £0.2 in the UK, etc - see the fixed fee of your country here).

What type of products?

We love vintage and classic football shirts but all shirts are welcome on the Football Shirt Collective.  Club or international, new or old.  We do not accept fakes or imitations.  We also love football t shirts, illustrations and other products inspired by vintage football moments.

When will the shirt be delivered?

The seller is responsible for delivering the shirt and should describe the timings when listing the shirt.

Who can join?

Anyone can join!  But not everyone can stay.  We will continually monitor reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain legitimacy and trust within the community. 

How much should I charge for my football shirt or t shirt?

You should charge what is the right amount for you.  We recommend reviewing the cost for similar shirts listed on the Football Shirt Collective and competitor sites.

What happens if a shirt is damaged? 

When you buy a shirt from the Football Shirt Collective, we expect that it is described as it should appear.  If the shirt you ordered is not as described you should contact the seller.  When listing the product they will advise if refunds are accepted. 

It is in everyones' best interests that football shirts are described as accurately as possible. 

How much do I charge for shipping? 

The cost of shipping for the football shirts is highlighted in the listing and at checkout.  It is the sellers discretion.  The shipping cost may vary dependant on location of the buyer .   If shipping costs need to be changed we recommend this is done through dialogue between the buyer and the seller via the site.