How to add a new product in our marketplace?

We've updated the back end of the Football Shirt Collective marketplace so it is really simple to add products.  All you've got to do is.
Step 1:   Register: 
Enter your details and add your PayPal (this is how you will get paid).
Step 2:  Add your product > Create product +
Category:  Select team from football shirt checkbox (if there are any missing let me know and we will add)
Product title:  Add the title starting with the year e.g. 1995 Arsenal home shirt S (this is so they sort correctly)
Product description:  Add your description (good to include your email for best offers)
Photos:  select how many and then upload the photos add photos
Product upload
Enable multiple option (add sizes for shirt):  Yes > Option name (Size), Option value enter either S / M / L / XL (depending on size) > Create (this is so that the shirt shows up in search filters).
In the box below enter:
Add price:  enter price  (leave your portion section blank)
Compare at price:  enter before sale price if you want it to show 
Track inventory:  enter 1 - this is so when items are sold no more orders can be made
Weight:  enter 1
Requires shipping:  yes
** if you complete this box you don't need to add the price below **
Tags:  only enter players name e.g. David Beckham (otherwise we're all set up for teams and league)
Save:  click save and bosh your product has been automatically added.
If you would like us to upload your products for you please email us to let me know.