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1995-97 Celtic Home Shirt (Excellent) L

Intro:This is one of the most daring home shirts Celtic have ever had, and across their illustrious kit history it stands out as one of the most creative takes on the famous hoops we’ve ever seen.

That it was used during a wild period in Celtic’s history on the pitch only adds to its legend.

Condition:Excellent - This shirt is in very good condition with no significant damage.

Condition details: The vibrant green hoops jump out wonderfully on this Celtic shirt. Despite its age, all the key features of the kit are intact, and even the internal labels are in great condition.

There is a very slight fade to the collar, but as you’ll see from the pictures it’s nothing to detract from the shirt. 

Things to look out for:You know what you’re getting with a Celtic shirt, but some go a step or two further.

In the 90s Celtic and Umbro began to push the envelope one home shirt at a shirt, introducing patterns and details within the hallowed hoops. For the 1991 and 92 editions, the pattern came in the form of an all-over subliminal design. In 1993, a more contrasting look featuring the Umbro diamonds was seen within the green hoops. Then in 1995, things went Nuclear.

There wasa lot going on within the hoops. Dozens and dozens of Celtic crests, a “Celtic” wordmark, the Umbro logo. It should be been too much, but by constricting the design elements to the hoops, and choosing a green with just the right amount of contrast, a balance was struck.

Let’s talk about the collar too. Several thin green stripes run throughout the fairly chunky, flappy collar, and it adds yet another point of interest. In a typically 90s Umbro move, we also have a giant shield surrounding the crest. There’s a lot of white space around the crest, and yet it only serves to provide more 90s nostalgia.

This wild shirt was matched in many ways by the dynamic, mercurial front line that Celtic had at the time of this kit. You’d struggle to find more controversial figures than Pierre van Hooijdonk, Paolo Di Canio and Jorge Cadete (dubbed the "Three Amigos"), and for all their flaws their talents and goalscoring exploits on the pitch were impossible to resist.


Who made it:Umbro

Who wore it:Pierre van Hooijdonk, Paolo Di Canio, Jorge Cadete


UK:  1-2 days

Europe:  5-7 days

Rest of world: 7-10 days

Packaging information: 

All our shirts are shipped in  our mint-coloured, 100% compostable packaging. Some shirts will also be bagged with an inner plastic wallet for extra protection.

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